Our Element is Communication

When five partners set out in 2000 to develop a company to serve businesses’ needs for customized, unified, voice, data and video communications, they wanted the company to have a name that was as unique as the corporate vision.

So what’s the story behind the Cerium Networks name?

One of our original employees had a scientific background and pitched the partners with the idea to name the company Cerium Networks.

Cerium is a silvery, ductile metal and is the most abundant of the rare earth elements. It is found in a number of minerals and is commercially used as a catalyst to reduce CO2 emissions in motor vehicles and is an essential component of phosphors used in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps and TV screens.

The chemical symbol for Cerium is Ce and its atomic weight is 58.

The name Cerium Networks was intriguing, as the company was founded by five partners and started business with eight employees. Cerium’s atomic weight of 58 was a symbolic numerical match.

Cerium is a malleable and adaptable metal. Its silvery-white color sparkles in the light. And it is elemental in the structure and formation of the earth.

We feel that Cerium Networks shares these characteristics. As a technical communications company, we provide adaptable solutions to the unified communication needs of our customers. Our service “sparkles” and we believe that the solutions we provide are elemental to achieving business success.

The traits inherent in Cerium are a symbolic representation of the vision and solutions provided by Cerium Networks.
And that is why at Cerium Networks, our element is communication.