Cerium’s Proven Methodologies

These customer focused methodologies and processes are based upon proven and documented industry best practices and the many years of experience our Cerium associates possess.

Project Management

Cerium Networks has developed a proven and best practice project management methodology that is based on our extensive consulting, design, and integration experience. Our methodology is closely aligned with the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge), which is widely accepted in the industry as the standard for project management. Our project management methodology allows us to remain flexible and engage widely varied and complex projects with a tested and proven approach to produce consistently superior results that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Solution V

The cornerstone to Cerium Networks process to assure consistent quality and at the same time control cost is our proprietary process model called Solution V. Solution V has been developed to facilitate a consistent approach in the delivery of unified communication solutions to our customers. It encompasses all facets of customer and company interactions necessary to assure project success and on-going customer support and management. It has been designed to improve communications and ensure the proper information is gathered both from our customers as well as from the associates within Cerium who rely on the information to perform their valued work. By improving the way we communicate both internally and with our customers we are able to dramatically improve efficiencies and substantially improve the level of service we provide.

Our process model is a best practices approach to the successful deployment and support of advanced communication solutions.

  1. Thorough assessment and planning
  2. Customized solution
  3. Professional implementation
  4. Advanced support
  5. Proactive innovation and migration