Unified Communications

The way we put things together IS what sets us apart

Cerium’s core business is the design, implementation and support of advanced unified communication solutions:

The pace of business today has accelerated to the point that traditional voice communication is not enough!  The demand for instant communication has driven the use of new communication methods.  Organizations are required to implement Voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging (IM), text chat, and desktop video conferencing to remain competitive and better serve their customers or constituents. 

At Cerium Networks we work with specific unified communications products from several manufacturers to provide our customers the tools they need to be successful. These tools can be implemented across a broad range of end user devices including Windows based PCs, Apple computers, touch pads, smart phones, and desktop video devices. Cerium Networks can integrate these solutions to your back-end systems and databases in order to enhance your business processes and streamline communication within, and outside of your organization.

Cerium’s long heritage of designing and deploying the very products which have become today’s most essential collaboration infrastructure and application suites is available to all organizations, those with less than 100 users or those with more than 15,000 users.  Our ability to integrate key applications from multiple manufacturers can deliver you a best of breed solution which will position your organization for success!