Network Infrastructure / Data Center

A solid network infrastructure is required to build a successful unified communications system in an enterprise environment.

In addition to the traditional "speeds and feeds" philosophy, Cerium leverages technologies to design, implement and support various network infrastructure solutions.

These network infrastructure solutions include network access control, internal network security, quality of service, and solutions to support virtual environments. As organizations evolve, it is critical to have a reliable, secure, scalable and adaptable foundation all network services depend on. Our Cisco certified engineering team can deliver superior core switching and routing solutions as well as first-rate design, implementation and support services to uphold and maintain the stability of your core environment. Our infrastructure services and solutions encompass all aspects of critical back-end IT environments from basic connectivity to more complex virtualization, security and application delivery solutions.

Data Center

Today’s businesses are more distributed and mobile than ever, with data centers and clustered servers in geographically separate locations. That’s why it’s no surprise that most IT professionals are looking to improve the state of their data centers.

In a recent survey, IT professionals cited data center software and hardware infrastructure as two of their three highest spending priorities for 2010. The next generation of technology is now available to address today's most pressing data center challenges — consolidation, sprawl and power consumption.

Cerium Data Center solutions help ensure operational consistency under such conditions, while establishing the fundamental architecture that will be the foundation of the virtualized, efficient, and scalable data center of the future.

Data Center Partners

  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • VMware