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2015 Security Briefings

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In today's world, it's no longer a matter of if your business will be targeted by cyber criminals, but when. Security professionals need to evolve their strategy from a point-in-time approach to a continuous model that addresses the full attack continuum before, during and after an attack.

Learn how you can gain visibility during an attack, approaches to breach remediation, and the technology needed after an attack.


Skype for Business—It's All in the Delivery

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No matter how you slice it, Microsoft continues to deliver the definitive UC experience.  With Lync’s transition to Skype for Business, many customers are in a prime position to deploy Enterprise Voice on their terms. The recipe for success is all in the delivery.

With the support of our valued partners, the Cerium team will discuss several delivery methods for Enterprise Voice in Skype for Business — each designed to align with your Office 365 productivity strategy as well as your operational preferences. 

Demystify hybrid, hosted, and on premise approaches to the new era of Universal Communications.


A Day in the Life of an Educator

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Watch to see how collaborative tools have extended classroom instruction to geographically dispersed vision-impaired students. This presentation exemplifies the use of Video as a Service (VaaS) and Lync Communication tools to create a classroom without walls.

Topics Covered:

  • The Flip Classroom: How educators are using Lync to record and share lectures, which allows for more engagement and discussion during classroom time.
  • Hosted Intranet: How school districts use SharePoint for secure communication between educators, administrators, students and parents.
  • Lync as Unified Communication Platform: Microsoft Lync enabled telephones can provide a complete district-wide unified solution for communication needs for a much lower cost than the ongoing operational cost of older PBX systems. Find out how.
  • Office 365 Student Advantage: Microsoft Office 365 licenses are free to all students for schools and colleges that subscribe to enterprise and campus agreements. This allows a very robust Office suite for every student. See how students are able to learn quicker using Microsoft Office applications.


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