Planning & Assessment

  • Overview

Having a third party assessment completed before you make any major purchases or technology changes can be an invaluable step in ensuring quality and efficiency.

Cerium Networks can help perform a professional third party assessment across almost all major infrastructure technologies. We will provide comprehensive findings and recommendations deliverable which can help assist you in making decisions or in guiding operations.

 Network Readiness Assessments

  • Industry Best Practices
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Class of Service (CoS)
  • Switched Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Virtual LANs
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Security Assessments

  • Health Checks
  • Architecture
  • Reliability
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Compliancy

Contact Center Services

Contact Center Business Consulting – Let Cerium Networks Contact Center consultants help you with your contact center strategies through our consulting offerings.  Customized consulting engagements can be tailored to meet your organizations specific requirements.

  • Operational Performance Assessment – An in depth evaluation of your overall Contact Center environment including Organization and Leadership, Management and Process, Systems and Technology, and Talent Management.
  • Standard Assessment – A detailed evaluation of your organizations Management and Processes and Systems and Technology.
  • Rapid Business Assessment – A high level overview of strategy, organization, and technology within your Contact Center.
  • Metric Assessment- A review of your Contact Centers KPI to ensure they align with your strategy and desired behaviors and performance standards.
  • Multi-Channel Strategy- Assistance with the development of a multichannel strategy to include a technology roadmap and experience management strategy.
  • WFM Assessment – A review of workforce management principles and methodologies to ensure full utilization of technology and processes.
  • QM Program Assessment – A review of Quality Management program structure and technology utilization to promote desired agent behavior and productivity.