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Cerium 1463° is Cerium's customer support portal. It was created to give you better access to your support tickets and alarms. New to Cerium 1463° is the ability to create and modify support tickets, see history of resolved tickets and the ability to see past alarms.

Cerium 1463° gives you a clean and easy to use interface so that you can get to the information you need quickly. With the use of state of the art web technologies the site adapts to any mobile device, making it easier than ever to get/make updates on your support tickets.


  • Enter new tickets
  • View and comment on existing tickets
  • View alarms
  • Clearly defined tabs with customer information
  • Tailored contact information



Cerium 1463° Home Page


What's Behind the Name?

1463° Fahrenheit is the temperature at which the element Cerium becomes liquid — according to Webster’s Dictionary, “liquid” is an adjective describing matter which is composed of molecules that move freely among themselves but do not tend to separate like those of gases; and is a form of matter which moves smoothly and freely through spaces, covering all corners, all nooks and crannies. This is how Cerium wants to provide coverage to our customers’ needs. And this is why we chose 1463°as the name for our new customer portal.