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Enabling next-generation workforce productivity

Mobility is redefining the workplace as the borders between personal and professional, home and office, device and application disappear. Corporations must embrace mobility to remain competitive and evolve to a new model of efficient workloads. Embracing mobility is in the best interest of corporate organizations as it leads to even greater productivity than what we have achieved with the Internet. Cerium delivers solutions that provide users access to the information and resources they need with the quality and performance they would get in a traditional corporate office.

Cerium can discuss solutions that provide a single common interface for your users to securely access all of your enterprise’s communications tools, business applications, directories and transactions, no matter where they are or what communications devices they use.

With all of the available devices today (iPhones, Androids, Windows Mobile phones, tablets & pads) finding applications and services to support your users can be challenging. Fortunately, Cerium’s extensive experience and manufacturer partnerships in the mobility space empower our architects with solutions that can be custom-fit for your user population, including elements of application virtualization, mobile collaboration, security, auditing, VPN, and other technologies.


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